The new way to alert, manage and prevent critical events

Designed by crisis management experts and customized for building safe, resilient, and sustainable organizations.

CoSafe is the powerful and user-friendly app and communication platform for incidents and time-sensitive issues.

Cloud-based Crisis Management & Communications Platform

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Trusted by organizations of all sizes across private and public sectors


Act faster - right information, to the right people at the right time

Cosafe is available 24/7 equipping your employees with efficient single-click alert and mass communication buttons customized to your organization. e.g. accident, fire, cyber-attacks etc.

Increase workplace safety with automated dead man’s switch, lone worker timer and hidden black-screen panic button.


Mobilize, gain control and coordinate to improve outcomes

Save invaluable time eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Cosafe helps you lead your organization in critical situations. Get up to speed quickly, gather and provide real-time information and delegate tasks to minimize detrimental impacts on people, environment and assets.

Alarm app

Be prepared, share insights and reduce errors

Stay resilient, reliable and reachable. Perform post-incident evaluations, ensure 24/7 access to critical documents, share important safety alerts and enable real-time collaboration with interactive checklists for risk analysis, safety inspections and Last Minute Risk Assessments (LMRA).

Increase workplace safety with automated dead man’s switch, lone worker timer and hidden black-screen panic button.

Our solutions to help you take action ...

... with a powerful and user-friendly mobile app

Single-click Alerts

Customize for your

Secure Chat

Encrypted chat with
smart features

I'm Safe Check-in

Safety check service with automated
positional data


24/7 access to critical

Personnel Safety Alarms

DMS, Lone worker timer and
panic button


On demand and easy

On-Call Alert

Quickly summon and mobilize
the team

Holding Statement

Keep everyone

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