Powerful Mobile App for Business Continuity, Incident & Crisis Management

It is imperative to act fast with critical events such as global pandemics, severe weather conditions, active shooters, terrorist attacks or business incidents like PR crises, IT outages, cyber-attacks, theft, workplace violence, occupational injuries, product recalls and supply-chain interruptions.

Be prepared, keep people safe, informed, connected and rapidly response to critical events with our intuitive cloud-based platform.

Single-click Alerts

Customize for your

Secure Chat

Encrypted chat with
smart features

I'm Safe Check-in

Safety check service with automated
positional data


24/7 access to critical

Personnel Safety Alarms

DMS, Lone worker timer and
panic button


On demand and easy

On-Call Alert

Quickly summon and mobilize
the team

Holding Statement

Keep everyone


Discover How Cosafe
Keep Employees, Visitors and Assets Safe.

Save invaluable time, keep your organization running and protect customers from disruptions.



Simplify business continuity and incident response plans. Provide guided, step-by-step actions to personnel.

Interactive checklists can be quickly initiated and edited based on customized templates. Share with selected groups and complete the checklist together regardless of time and place. Collaborate with different groups within the organization.

Use checklists as a preventive measure in systematic safety and work environment management for e.g. rounds and risk
analyses, action and activity plans in the event of an incident or crisis.


Single-click Alarm Buttons

Elevate your safety efforts with real-time alerts about emerging threats near all of your employees – including those working in the office, on a worksite, in the field, at their homes, or traveling for business.

Ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time. Trigger alerts with positional data and incident descriptions to pre-selected groups. Each organization decides the number of alarms, headings, recipients and priority. Choose if you want the alarm to force Silent Mode on your mobile phone.


On-Call Alert

Streamline on-call and minimize manual tasks. Mobilize your team clearly, quickly, and efficiently with a click of a button.

Receive real-time updates on all recipients and in the event of no response, the system automatically dials at 2-minute intervals until the recipient answers.


Secure Chat

Communicate, drive collaboration and productivity across teams. Send notifications, respond from any device, and keep the workforce informed no matter where they are.

Encrypted 1-on-1 or group chat where you can communicate sensitive information with read receipts. Escalate easily by adding more users and groups to ongoing chats. Chat history is available to everyone in the chat enabling efficient briefing. 


I'm Safe Check-in

Facilitate instant feedback and confirm employees’ safety during critical events regardless of working in the office, on a worksite, in the field, remote at home, or traveling for business.

In the event of an incident, home or abroad, send an I’m OK inquiry and get a real-time overview of who is OK or not. People not answering can be located with positional data and easily sent additional messages.


Personnel Safety Alarm

Keep employees safe in the office, in the field, while commuting, or when traveling for business. Lone worker safety solution, dead man’s switch, and panic button, all-in-one.

Trigger automatic alarm by pressing the black screen for three seconds or set an automatic timer alarm when working alone. Your colleagues in preselected groups receive alarm with GPS coordinates and predetermined message.


Accounts and Groups

Structure the organization in the main account, subaccounts, and groups.

Messages, alarms, documents etc. can be customized for each account and group.



Ensure 24/7 access to important documents, policies, and actions plans.  Customize access in different subaccounts and groups.


Holding Statement

Keep employees and stakeholders informed as incidents progress with continuous status updates.

Provide accurate and secure information to manage uncertainty.


Desktop Notifications

The CoSafe Warning System can be installed on PC and Mac to ensure that alarms and critical information are received despite if phone is not available.


Stakeholder Notifications without Personal Data

CoAlert is a mass notification app for receiving critical one-way information from CoSafe users.  Ideal for students, parents, suppliers, visitors etc.

GDPR-friendly, simply join with 8 digit code without providing any personal data.

User Friendly

Easy to use and administrate multilingual platform

Easy Onboarding

Simple to set up!
Get started quickly with video tutorials


Data stored in multiple tier 3 and 4,
ISO 27001 certified data centers

No New Hardware

Use your existing devices;
mobile phone, tablet or computer

Cost Effective

Flexible and scalable SaaS subscription pricing suitable for organizations of all sizes

Log Function

Automated documentation for
post-incident reporting and evaluation

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